An unabashed political propaganda film, Lei Feng tells the exemplary tale of a PLA soldier who is a model student of Mao Zedong Thought and whose tireless study of the Chairman’s writings and good deeds are chronicled in this hagiography. But even here Jiang Qing found fault; in particular, she felt that the image of Mao was inappropriate and politically incorrect.


Lei Feng

Directed by Dong Zhaoqi
August 1st Film Studio (1964)

Lei Feng:

I had replaced one red scarf with another. In the eyes of the Party I will forever remain a child, even though to children I already appear to have become a grown-up. But I want to make sure that my red scarf never fades, that it will never be host to the polluting dust of the bourgeoisie. One day, I want the whole world to be as red as my scarf, and I want to make sure that children everywhere can wear one too.