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Stages of History

Readings, transcripts, and video and audio clips from the following will be available when this site is complete.

Modern Beijing Operas

Red Lantern (Hongdeng ji)
On the Docks (Haigang)
Taking Tiger Mountain by Strategy (Zhiqu weihushan)
Song of the Dragon River (Longjiang song)
Azalea Mountain (Dujuan shan)
Raid on White Tiger Regiment (Qixi baihutuan)

Revolutionary Ballets

The Red Detachment of Women (Hongse niangzi jun)
White-haired Girl (Baimao nu)

Animated Films

Heroic Little Sisters on the Grassland | The Ferry Port


"Yellow River" Piano Concerto

Rent Collection Courtyard Sculptures

Available Readings:

In February 1966, Jiang Qing convened a forum on literature and arts in the army, commending operas such as The Red Lantern and Shajiabang, along with the Rent Collection Courtyard as "pioneer efforts which will exert a profound and far-reaching influence on the socialist cultural revolution." Lin Biao's introductory letter and an official summary of the forum are both available.

Literature and Art Workers Hold Rally - Peking Review, December 9, 1966, with a summary of a speech by Jiang Qing.

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