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Major funding for Morning Sun was provided by the National Endowment for the Humanities, with additional funds from ITVS/Corporation for Public Broadcasting, the George D. Smith Fund, NAATA, and the Massachusetts Foundation for the Humanities.

Morning Sun is a presentation of the Independent Television Service (ITVS) and the National Asian American Telecommunications Association (NAATA), with the participation of ARTE and the BBC.

Produced and Directed by
Carma Hinton, Geremie R. Barmé, Richard Gordon

Written by
Geremie R. Barmé, Carma Hinton

Edited by
David Carnochan

Interviewer: Carma Hinton

Co-Producer: Jane Balfour

Associate Producers: Nora Chang, Lin Hua, Jiasuey Hsu

Co-ordinating Producer: Lise Yasui

Narrator: Margot Adler

Writer: John Crowley

Consultants: Anita Chan, Chris Gilmartin, Nancy Hearst, Gail Hershatter, Liang Xiaoyan, Elizabeth Perry, Sang Ye, Jonathan D. Spence, Ezra Vogel, Andrew Walder, Jeffrey Wasserstrom and Rae Yang.

Camera: Richard Gordon

Additional Camera and Lighting: Shou Cheng, Steve McCarthy, Jiasuey Hsu, C. Phred Churchill

Sound Recordists: Paul Goudreau, C. Phred Churchill, John Osborne

Archival Research: Nora Chang, Lin Hua, Kai S. Wang

Principal Assistant Editor: Jiasuey Hsu

Assistant Editor: Geoff Birmingham

Original Music Composition: Mark Pevsner

Music performed by:
Michael McLaughlin (Accordion), Rebecca Thornblade (Cello), and Mark Pevsner (Piano)

Audio Post Production: Heart Punch Studio

Re-Recording Mixer: Greg McCleary

Sound Design: Geof Thurber

Sound Editing: Deb Driscoll, Ben O'Brien

Dialogue Editor: Jiasuey Hsu

On-Line Editors: Michael A. Dawson, David M. Allen

On-Line Facility: Context Media Inc.

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Morning Sun © Long Bow Group Inc., 2003

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