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Excerpts and background information about each of these films will be available when the site is complete.

The East is Red
(August First Film Studio, 1965)
Dongfang hong

The Red Detachment of Women
(feature film, Tianma Films, 1961; ballet 1971) Hongse niangzi jun
The Gadfly
(Moscow Film Studio. Translated and voice-
dubbed into Chinese in 1955)

Dong Cunrui
(Changchun Film Studio, 1955)
Lenin in 1918
(Moscow Film Studio, 1939. Translated and
voice-dubbed into Chinese by Shanghai Film
Studio in 1950s)

Song of Youth
(Beijing Film Studio, color, 1959)
Qingchun zhi ge
Trials of a Long Journey
(August First Film Studio, 1959, color)
wanshui qianshan
[Denounced by Jiang Qing in 1966.]
Lei Feng
(August First Film Studio, b/w, 1964)
[Denounced by Jiang Qing in 1966.]

Great Uproar in Heaven
(Shanghai Fine Arts Film, 1964, animated, color)
da nao tian gong

On the Docks
Never Forget
(Beijing Film Studio, 1964, color)
Hero in the Bandits' Den
(August First Film Studio, b/w, 1958)
Yingxiong hudan
[Denounced by Jiang Qing in 1966.]

Eternal Life in the Flames (Red Crag)
(Beijing Film Studio, 1965)
liehuo zhong yongsheng
[Denounced by Jiang Qing in 1966.]

Tide of Anger
(August First Film Studio, 1963, b/w)
nu chao
[Denounced by Jiang Qing in 1966.]
A closer study of two films about deaf-mutes — A Song of Triumph for Chairman Mao's Proletarian Line on Public Health (1969) and Youth (1977) — is available in the section on the Miracles of Chairman Mao.

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